Parody and Satire

Workshop duration: 2 days

revelatios charactersThe pleasure of the parody, come on vent your satirical spleen.

We all love to have a moan or have a rant but do we like to listen to a grumpy lecture on what is wrong with the world? My guess is “NO”

A clever parody with a satirical quip with a dash of charisma can be very funny and entertaining. The Bouffons have the ability to mock and make fun of those they are performing for with an endearing charisma that allows them to push the boundaries of social taboo. Have the opportunity to create you own parody of someone who gets on your nerves, bring your irritations, annoyances and grievances and air with the grotesque Bouffon.

In this workshop we explore modern culture and our experience of it. We find the ridiculous and bring a worthy derision to the absurd behaviours and characteristics of those who have a controlling interest in society.

Parody and satire is a fun and cathartic workshop that will help you to develop your performance ability and take your audience to the edge.

Workshop will be led by Tom Hogan and supported by one of our performance team

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