Spontaneity, Improvisation and Play

Workshop duration: 1-3 days

CYAC improvising workshopOur funniest moments come when we surprise ourselves and we play without inhibition.

If we try and think of ideas, we are trapped in what we already know but if we attempt to discover something new as we play, we have the potential to be truly original as we explore.

The Bouffons perform as a group reacting to those they encounter along the way. They are the closest knit group and have almost a telepathic understanding. Bouffons are always looking for the pleasure of the game and the opportunity to play. They delight in the simplicity of objects and find new potential in the discoveries they make.

In this workshop we will develop your ensemble and group work skills to enable the creation of spontaneous performance. Through the group, you will create fantastic stories and interactions finding delightful moments in what may initially have been perceived to be mundane.

Workshop will be led by Tom Hogan and supported by one of our performance team.

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