Creating Walkabout Performance

Workshop duration: 1-10 days

M6 Youth Theatre Golden FootballersThere is nothing more fun than taking silly characters out to play in the ‘real’ world.

This is truly the most fun you can have as performer. This course contains elements of all the other courses run by Aqueous Humour and brings them together to create new performance.

Devise your own fictional strolling characters that interact with real environments and real people. Explore the art of engaging your audience and encouraging them to play along. Create character groups, pairs and troupes for the delight of the passer by.

Work with our designer to create the right look and visual image to maximise your impact when out and about. Learn why design is an integral part of creating site specific work.

This course will develop you as an interactive performer and your ability to think on your feet. It will hone your skills to be spontaneous, quick witted and above all safe when interacting with the unpredictable. All this will be done with the style and visual dynamic that is created to grab the eye and arrest the attention of the passer by.

Workshop will be led by Tom Hogan and Nerissa Cargill Thompson.

All workshops are supported by one of our performance team.

Please contact us to discuss booking a workshop