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M6 Youth Theatre workshopAqueous Humour has been teaching Comedy, Bouffon, Clown, and Mask techniques since 2001. We have run training events with groups at Contact Theatre, Bolton Octagon, M6 theatre, Oldham Coliseum and The Lowry. Aqueous Humour is currently leading on the Street Theatre performance module at Bolton University.

We now have a range of new courses on offer that are suitable for anyone aged 16+. All you need is enthusiasm and willingness to have a go at finding the freedom that makes you uniquely funny.

We run public training events throughout the year. You can find out about events by joining our Facebook page or go to our “What’s On” page on this website. Keep your eyes pealed dates coming soon.

We are happy to come to you! You can book a workshop from our programme or talk to our team about tailoring a bespoke training event for your school / business / theatre group. Our courses are fantastic fun and great for team building, loosing inhibitions and just having a laugh while developing skills in performance and creativity.

Using costume in workshopFreedom and fun

Indulge yourself with the freedom and fun found in the ridiculous. Learn how to re-invent the world and start to create from a truly spontaneous place.

Duration: 1 – 3 days

M6 improvisating workshopSpontaneity, improvisation and play

Our funniest moments come when we surprise ourselves and we create with joy and freedom. This is great workshop if you think you think too much, experiment, let go and learn how to play again.

Duration: 1 – 3 days

CYAC improvising characters with costumeParody and satire

Find the fun in the everyday things that get your goat with the pleasure found in parody and satire. Come on, vent your satirical spleen and create something with a bit of edge to it.

Duration: 2 days

ashboyComedy Character Creations

Transform yourself beyond recognition. Take on the characteristics, attitudes and physicality of another person, hype it up, exaggerate and find out how different you can really be.

Duration: 1 – 2 days

iContact walkaboutCreating Walkabout Performance

There is nothing more fun than taking silly characters out to play in the ‘real’ world. Learn the skills of the interactive performer, comically reactive, confident and funny.

Duration: 1 – 10 days