Comedy Character Creations

Workshop duration: 1-2 days

funny faces

Transform yourself into somebody else…

Create imaginative grotesque characters in the style of the modern Bouffon clown. Let’s start with a “social stereotype” add a touch of exaggeration a splash attitude, with sprinkles of vocal oddness thus creating outrageously funny and unusual characters.

In this workshop we will explore the transformation of physicality, attitude, mental outlook, vocal quality and much more. Aqueous Humour does not do character analysis. We are on our feet playing with our creations interacting and discovering, testing the reactions and impulses of the person we have chosen to become. We take the new character into our body where the audience can’t see you any more.

Oh by the way, this is play and fun.  You won’t get stuck in character and you won’t be at risk of disappearing up your own backside because of some “method”.

So go on! Get away from yourself for a while and try someone else on for a while.

Workshop will be led by Tom Hogan and supported by one of our performance team.

Please contact us to discuss booking a workshop