About us

Piggy-at-the-door-2_web_sqAqueous Humour is a darkly comic physical theatre company run by director & performer, Tom Hogan, and designer & artist, Nerissa Cargill Thompson who have over 20 years’ experience of creating interactive and traditional theatre.

Founded in 2001 in partnership with The Lowry, our shows have toured nationally including: Manchester Commonwealth Games, Edinburgh Hogmanay, Streets Ahead, Manchester Pride, London Zoo, London South Bank, MintFest and Streets of Brighton.

  • “Absolutely fabulous, left me wanting to see more” – Leamington Spa food & drink festival.
  • “Provoking raised eyebrows and getting laughs all round” – NW Leicestershire District Council
  • “Humorous and well-choreographed” – Xtrax


  • To make ridiculous, anarchic original comedy to attract new and young audiences.


  • To create high quality comedy performance to develop the vision of the company.
  • To share the work we create with the widest possible audience specifically focusing on bringing new audiences to live performance.
  • Deliver excellent opportunities for new and emerging talent in professional and community settings.