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2AM Beauty Queen

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2am Beauty Queen by Anne Richardson & Tom Hogan. Bushpig - Tom Hogan (lead singer), Anne Richardson (lead guitar), Mike Heath (keyboards) & Gareth Cutter (guitar). Video by Phil Smethurst.

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Mary Lou Cougar with guitarOpen up your heart to the gorgeous Mary-Lou Cougar and her band Bushpig.

A self-professed social commentator with an acute sense musical enlightenment and a profound sense of healthy normality.

Following the finite success of their Southern States tour, Bushpig are set to ricochet around the UK’s Country & Western charts with the release of their soon to be hit single “2am Beauty Queen”. This is the first release from the autobiographical album ‘Me Me & Me’, written, produced, directed, sung and conceived by Mary-Lou Cougar. “I sing simple songs for simple uncomplicated Southern folk”

Bushpig is the ultimate Country and Western band. Beautiful melodies with beautiful lyrics, all served up by a beautiful face and an infectious smile. Mary-Lou Cougar is one of those women who imprints herself on your mind and just won’t let go.

Bushpig’s haunting melodies make you just want to sing along all the time, even when you don’t want to. These songs will just pop back into your head and play like a music box.

We would like to share Bushpig “Live” with you and your friends, let us come on over to sing, dance and yee haw……

Additional videos can be found on our You Tube channel.

Promoters’ Information

Suitability Aimed at 15+. Parties, bars and comedy nights, corporate events, festivals, in/outdoor events, other bespoke events.
Performance Type Cabaret
Performance Duration
10mins – 45mins
Touring Party 2 – 5 performers, 1 sound technician if not provided.
Get-in Time/Requirements 15 min sound check min, changing room required min 1 hour before performance.
Technical requirement Stage Area minimum 8ft x 6ftLighting must be provided, general wash.SoundWe can provide our own sound equipment unless we are advised that this is not necessary. We must have access to at least two 13 amp plug sockets, not more than 10m from the performance area.

Minimum set up: 1 keyboard 2 guitars, 2 standard microphones with stands, 1 headset radio microphone

Optional additional set up: 1 slide guitar, 1 banjo, 1 bass guitar, 1 additional standard microphone and stand.

To be provided, PA, 6 – 9 channel mixing desk, 3-4 microphones, 1 headset radio microphone and receivers, 2 guitar DI inputs, 1 Keyboard DI input, 1 Banjo DI input, 1 bass amp all leads cables required for set up

Set None (can provide set dressings for gig as main act)

Technical Crew You are required to supply us with professional sound technician with equipment if provided. We can manage our own sound if we are providing sound equipment.

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