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PT_thumb_webA tale of lovers willing to sacrifice everything to be together forever.

As in Ovid’s classic tale, feuding parents try to put a stop to their relationship. However, in this updated version, the chink in the wall through which they communicate is the online world of social media and video calling. But when our lovers forge a secret plan for a real world meeting,  the consequences are as tragic as the original.

The production was directed by Tom Hogan & designed by Nerissa Cargill Thompson. The script was devised and written by the group with assistance from Cathy Crabb. The part of the Moon formed a Greek chorus harking back to the original.

In this ambitious production was premiered in Space 2 at Contact. We tested the possibilities of integrated live digital performance for the stage, through an exploration of intimate human relationships that are conducted in digital space. We explored digital technology as a tool to enable actors to perform live, without the necessity for travel.

Proud & Loud’s Pyramus and Thisbe is that rare thing, a perfect combination of form and content.” Matt Fenton, Contact Manchester

Following this performance we aim to further experiment using a combination of live theatre and digital technologies in partnership with venues and theatre companies across the UK and beyond. We are looking for partners to further develop and tour this piece in the autumn of 2016. If you would like further information on how you can get involved please get in touch with Proud and Loud Arts.

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