Just Turf – New Show in Development

Just Turf is a darkly comic new show for small-scale & non-theatre community/rural touring venues that is currently in development. It will explore life with ageing parents & how relationships change as our role develops from child to carer. We will explore isolation, both physical & social. Setting it in rural Ireland creates a solid artistic focus, offering broad scope for material using personal experiences, traditional skills & connections plus a new target audience & network of festivals. We will add to the audience experience by using live traditional music performed by local bands to give a festival feel placing theatre at the heart of a night out.

Following on from last year’s devising sessions, we made a video to try to capture the mood and ideas so far and give people a taste of “Just Turf“:

We have already secured an exciting collaboration with internationally acclaimed theatre practitioners who have a reputation for artistic excellence. We have a strong history of creating high quality interactive performance. Together we will use our exceptional skills in strikingly visual dark comic theatre to physically explore a writing process compatible with our devised script development.

We will share this work in March 2017 at our partner venues:The Met, Bury and a Liverpool venue. We are currently looking for a new venue in Liverpool following the sad news of the closure of The Lantern Theatre. This will enable us to identify partners for future development by engaging arts professionals, venues, rural touring networks, trusts & potential business investors to gain support, both artistic & financial, to develop the next phase of this exciting collaboration.

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