#folksonomy – Contact

IMG_0828_sq_webA funny and physical exploration of identity.

If we choose our identity, then why do so many people not like themselves all that much?

In #folksonomy, Contact’s young company of performers (CYAC) created preposterous parodies of social normality. A funny and frenetic look at group identity, self-expression, rejection and the security of belonging. Hurled from the chaotic to the realistic to nightmarish prison based landscapes, they struggled for self-realisation even as they label themselves and each other.

During the development process for the show we talked about what shapes our identity. One of the things that regularly came up and was a hot topic for discussion was gender. Gender stereotypes, gender expectations and gender inequalities.

Folksonomy38_sq_webThe conversations around this were ardent and vibrant and we began physicalizing and poking fun at the unrealistic portrayals of men and women that the media bombard us with; our two options of ‘girly’ girl or ‘manly’ man. The group parodied these stereotypes, and looked at what happens when someone doesn’t conform to them. The end result was darkly comical.

#folksonomy premiered in Contact Space 1 in December 2014.

Directed by Tom Hogan.

Devised by Contact Young Actors company & scripted by Keisha Thompson.

Designed by Nerissa Cargill Thompson.

Choreographed by Ruth Jones.

Folksonomy16_sq_webIf you would like to read more about the devising process and preliminary workshops, our wonderful assistant director Lauren Banks wrote a series of blogs for the Contact website. Please go and read them…

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One night of the run was streamed live online.
You can view it here on YouTube.